About Rick Borutta

Rick Borutta was a stargazer as a child. His father had two telescopes in the house, including one that was homemade. Growing up in Lawrenceville, N.J. in the 70s and 80s, it was easy to look up after dark, pick out constellations, look for comets and the occasional planets.

In his early 20s, Rick lived with an amateur astrologer in New York City and was exposed to brief readings and some textbooks. It would not be until age 27, right before his Saturn Return, that he would receive his first professional astrological reading of his natal (birth) chart. It was deeply informative, giving Rick many years to digest even that one reading! Every six months or so, Rick went back for transits and progressions readings by the same astrologer.

By 2009, it was time to study astrology himself. He was encouraged by a friend and fellow astrologer who saw some big events coming up in Rick’s chart. Personal integration of the meaning of these symbols began by study and practice readings given to friends and family. Rick studies “Evolutionary Astrology,” using books and advance course materials from astrologer Steven Forrest. Rick has given over 300 readings in over a decade.

Evolutionary astrology is a style based on the principle that the birth chart tells the story of what a person is here on Earth to learn, to discover, to master – rather than predicting a fate and reducing the symbols to the unconscious. By inviting the symbols and their archetypal energies to work with the conscious self, using a map in the form of a chart, Rick helps individuals understand who they are, where they feel drawn to, and what it means to choose freely with this knowledge.

Rick Borutta currently works at the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco as its Public Programs Manager. In addition to producing about 25 events for the institute each year, Rick teaches programs on astrology to the public and offers classes to interns.