What I Do

I offer support to clients by sharing my understanding of how the unconscious – shaped by factors in our culture, region and personal lives – attempts to surface in the conscious life. My clients receive insight into possible patterns, synchronicities and other messages to become clear on their meaning and how to integrate them consciously towards resolution, change and personal growth. Email me for more info or to schedule a reading: rick@rickborutta.com

Natal Chart Reading: With your birthdate, time and place of birth I look at where the planets were in the sky to interpret your ideal evolutionary path and what challenges to that path may be present. Astrology is full of symbols and archetypes that the unconscious can use to leave a cosmic message. The reading may also include information on karmic impact from past lives or habits that do not serve your highest purpose and what tools you may have to work with karma. You will gain a clearer sense of your true personality and how it shows up to help and to hinder you. $175.00

Transits/Progressed Chart Reading: Once I have done a natal chart with you, we can go deeper into the timing of when certain issues may arise, when it may be time to let go of old behavior, and when new interests can enter the picture. This is a process of adding a time element to the symbols in your life. The transits and progressions reveal themes that are passing through time that may offer insight into events and synchronicities in your life both to explain what has past or to offer awareness of what might be just ahead. By coming from a conscious place with awareness of such themes, there is less “fate” and more choice. $125.00

Alchemical Healing Support: Beyond the chart readings, whether in person or via email/Skype/telephone, once I have done a natal chart reading with you we can explore the symbolic nature of the chart, your dreams and other aspects of your inner world that reflect what is happening in your outer life.During these sessions, we will look at what is brewing in your “alchemical cauldron.” By helping hold some of these contents for you, you will have the opportunity to look at them from the outside in order to see them more clearly. Then, as your own inner work unfolds and makes itself known, you will see the results. These sessions can also be used to introduce you to exercises and practice for getting in touch with the contents in your psyche through dream work, meditation, imagination and discussion of symbolic meaning and the value of mythic story. $125.00