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Posted by on Apr 28, 2012 in Inspiration

Famous houses on Alamo Square

San Francisco, Alamo Square

It has been three months since I moved to San Francisco from New York City. The journey began more than a year ago with a dream that spoke of Northern California. Events that precipitated during the year created an opportunity for me to quit a decent job last October and create a new chapter in my life.

I said goodbye to dear friends. I let go of a handful of others. The end of 2011 for me was an end to fighting for an old story that had ended a long time ago. It became time to write a new story, one with the pen, pencil and paper that truly belonged to me.

People have told me for years that I have “a west coast vibe.” In some ways I do. I’ve taken to my new surroundings quickly. I walk slowly. I make almond milk at home.  I tell people I came to San Francisco to practice Astrology and alchemical healing and no one thinks it’s strange.

But take a look at this image of these famous houses. Only one stands out. Is it strange all by itself or has something been lost in the collective that used to seem so colorful? This is a concept I am turning over in my meditations these days. What have I done? What does it mean to live up to my dreams and creations instead of those presented to me in our culture or by my past? Here I am all of a sudden showing something about myself that few have seen in me. I am choosing to live in a mission of speaking from my heart using the perspective I have as a gay man, an astrologer and a deep thinker and feeler. Going to another level, I left a safe group and environment where there was a mask on me that was familiar to people. I have none of that here. I get to see what I am truly made of as I use resources that come from inside me and not from what is perceived as the right thing to do to achieve success. This path doesn’t equate with money it equates with heart and soul.

So for my friends who have been wondering what I’ve been up to, this is a taste: I’ve met some wonderful new people here. As a NY’er to my bones, I know I will always call NY home but I feel very much in the place where I need to be right now. It is taking some time to build my practice but things are going in the right direction. I love what I am doing in Astrology and supporting others to make changes in their lives that support their growth. Astrology is re-emerging in the modern world as a vessel for helping people rekindle some meaning and purpose in life. As individual souls we were not necessarily born to imitate what we see in our environment as a way of life but to challenge those images and come up with unique ones. In The ManKind Project, as a volunteer, I’m seeing how important it is for me to show up with my vulnerability and my leadership. There are many young GBTQ’s on their way to becoming men, young people who are being kicked out of their homes for being queer who will need authentic souls to help guide them towards healing. I want to be prepared to do my part.

I know this post isn’t all “hearts and flowers” as Elaine would say, but I don’t want to over-simplify and state that everything’s just fine. It is fine but I’m also working hard at it. It’s something like what Andrew Harvey writes about when the heart is on fire: I’m tending to the flames because it is my real job here on Earth.





  1. I love the “real” you. Your empowerment shines brightly and impacts with a sense of pure confidence!!!

  2. Hey Rick, Thanks for the link and update. Its an honor to be witnessing your journey. Wichozani!

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