For International Women’s Day

Posted by on Mar 8, 2012 in Inspiration

For International Women’s Day

I have a mother, an aunt, a few ex-girlfriends…all have “shown me a thing or two.” Perhaps not in the bawdy Annie Get Your Gun sense literally, but definitely in the energetic sense. What I mean is that I have been inspired. I’m attracted and repelled, sometimes one right after the other. Authentic feminine power baffles me and I want to know more. I will never get to know what it really is, I’m not a woman. Nor should I act as I though I have the right to know. Dionysus was initiated into the feminine mysteries but he was a demigod and he was mad as in crazy.

I am not that extreme.

Here is a little something from my journals a few years back. Inspired by my relationship to a particular woman:

Flamenco was her first home. She loved it. All the boys lined up to dance the dance with her. But when she fell, no one saw it happen. Then there was Pablo, who cared right up to the end of the world. After that, there were none. Only flexing muscle and eating bread.




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