Far Out! A Neptune in Transit Story

Posted on Sep 16, 2014

One day, a man wakes up as if from a heavy dream. But he feels free and unbound. Why? Because in the dream, this man touches something ephemeral in the cosmos that connects him to his creativity and spirit. In a moment, he knows that he can detach from his home, his job and his loved ones – without any moral sense of duty, or any passion for ambition. In its essence, it is cold, like the far out environs of Neptune itself, at the edge of our solar system. But when integrating pieces of the subconscious psyche into one’s identity, Neptune can bring gifts of beauty, knowledge and an expanded sense of self as a divine child. Neptune’s signal is not an easy...

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My Pluto Transit – The Journey Continues

Posted on Sep 10, 2014

In Astrology, Pluto tends to carry the signature of events that are related to trauma, fierce healing, life-altering changes in course that can seem tragic, evil or unfair. Why would a soul choose to experience such deep and intense events – from many of which some never seem to recover? In my earlier post, , I merely scratch the surface of plutonic musings while near the beginning of my particular journey with transiting Pluto crossing my Ascendant. I began to have some inkling of what was to come, and this post is an update as Pluto sits exactly at 11 degrees Capricorn, on my Asc. When Pluto hits a major point in the natal chart, such as the Sun, Moon or any of...

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The Answer is 42: Thoughts on My Uranian Opposition

Posted on Apr 28, 2013

“My Grandmother died just a few months before I was born,” was what I said to Eddie in fifth grade, “But she knew I was coming.” “She sure did,” Eddie said. I was crushed. I didn’t know much about her. But dying at age 42 seemed like a tragedy to me. Most other kids knew their grandmothers.   Ten years later, my dad had a near death experience, or NDE as they are called. He was 42. NDEs are recognized medically as moments when a person’s consciousness observes its physical body’s own dying, has the feeling of oneness and love as if heading somewhere else but then returns to the body. In my dad’s story, he was given the choice to stay or go and he...

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Pluto, You Fiery Devil!

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

Pluto is the reason I began to take Astrology seriously. Rather, Pluto as a symbol represents the reason I began to take Astrology seriously. About three years ago a friend warned me that Pluto was nearing my Ascendant. If our bodies and spirits were like radios, then the Ascendant or rising sign would be one of the radio stations or frequencies on the dial that we tune into very easily because its output is quite strong. Pluto’s frequency is weaker, mainly because we are used to skipping right past the music it is playing. So my friend being a good friend knew that a Pluto-Ascendant conjunction would result in a boost in Pluto’s signal to my radio and wanted...

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Evolutionary Astrology: The Chart as an Alchemical Vessel

Posted on Sep 30, 2012

By: Rick Borutta   Share Tweet

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Marilyn Monroe: One Astrological Interpretation

Posted on Jun 1, 2012

Marilyn Monroe was a Gemini, 10th house with an Aquarius Moon in the 7th and a Leo Ascendant. Her reputation and place in society was important to her, her goal was to embody open mindedness, storytelling and “youth.” Her public face was clearly that of the performer and queen, sometimes the child. On a soul level, her goal was to become a genius, a revolutionary soul – to heal through intimate relationships with others. These descriptors are examples of archetypes, forms from our unconscious selves that come through when we are challenged by fate to respond to the people, places and things that happen in our lives. When Marilyn was ignoring the...

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