The Answer is 42: Thoughts on My Uranian Opposition

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“My Grandmother died just a few months before I was born,” was what I said to Eddie in fifth grade, “But she knew I was coming.” “She sure did,” Eddie said. I was crushed. I didn’t know much about her. But dying at age 42 seemed like a tragedy to me. Most other kids knew their grandmothers.


Ten years later, my dad had a near death experience, or NDE as they are called. He was 42. NDEs are recognized medically as moments when a person’s consciousness observes its physical body’s own dying, has the feeling of oneness and love as if heading somewhere else but then returns to the body. In my dad’s story, he was given the choice to stay or go and he ultimately chose to stay. My aunt turned 42 the following year with a great deal of anxiety. Today, I am four months away from my 42nd birthday.


What hit me was something I read in the book Liquid Light of Sex by Barbara Hand Clow. She’s a Jungian analyst and astrologer who wrote about the Uranian opposition.  This is the event where transiting Uranus, the Uranus of our present day, reaches 180 degrees from the place it was on the day we were born. We experience the events that are signified by this opposition between the ages of 38 and 44 depending on elliptical orbits and such. Now, if I were to tune into family shadow, I would expect to have a life-threatening event in the next year or so. But I choose not to do that. Instead, I will recount some events and synchronicities that have lead to this blog post.


  • At age 39 I dreamed of California and moved here one year later.
  • I’ve experienced an increased appreciation for “beauty” and nature
  • My sensitivity to psychic energy, particularly when I look at astrological charts is enhanced.
  • My body wants less caffeine, sugar and sex. Though sexual experiences seem to be more pleasurable.


What does all this have to do with the Uranian opposition? Barbara Hand Clow links the Uranian opposition and the “mid-life crisis” that many astrologers attach to it with the natural process of a Kundalini awakening. Kundalini awakenings are more familiar to Eastern traditions, and anyone following a Yogic path. Since Uranus rules electricity, Clow writes that the body’s inner electrical circuitry is activating on a different level at the Uranian opposition with the energy of the Kundalini.


On the synchronic level, before I was led to read Liquid Light of Sex I signed up for a class with a reading list including many books on Kundalini experiences. Also, a friend called me up to tell me he had begun a Kundalini awakening process in the past few months. He and I are about the same age.


The books I’ve read warn of the Kundalini awakening as a stressful time for the body and the psyche, particularly if one isn’t prepared for the process. It can mean years of pain and suffering, not to mention the folly of the mid-life crisis where people end up having affairs or find much dissatisfaction with their current lives. And some people end up dying like my Grandmother. Her body wasn’t up for the energetic charge. Neither was my dad’s but he returned to make the best of it.


For myself, it appears I am choosing to work with this process as consciously as I am able. Transiting Uranus also conjuncts my natal Chiron in Aries, adding a color to this keyframe that helps stage my Chiron return at age 50. Barbara Hand Clow also writes about the Chiron return as the end of the process begun with the Uranian opposition. Once the spiritual range is established, the Chiron return points a person to the use of his wisdom or as some say, “original medicine.” Besides the Uranian opposition I’ve also got transiting Pluto in Capricorn crossing my Ascendant. This represents an intensity around my discipline and reality so I remain in transformation of my established habits. I’ve also got transiting Saturn in Scorpio conjunct my natal Moon and Midheaven. Saturn echoes the theme of discipline but in the 10th house it also suggests success in my endeavor. My Moon and Midheaven relate to the parts of me that are the healer, as well as the parts of me that can go deep into the psyche. In this case, it’s my own psyche where I must dive and return with the ore – or the gold for myself and for others. This transiting Saturn will be in opposition to my natal fifth house Saturn in Gemini next year, still during my Uranian opposition. Added to the mix is transiting Neptune in Pisces opposing my natal Sun, Mercury and Venus in Virgo. It holds the fourth point in a cross between my natal T-Square (Sun, Mercury Venus in Virgo, squaring Saturn in Gemini and natal Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio.) This particular aspect represents being “stretched” in four directions. I feel that. But holding the tension between the opposites allows for a third possibility to appear and a few daring folks have created some fantastic work during this particular type of cross.




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  1. Sounds like you’re reading my chart, lol! I’m 42, with same placements and going through what you’re talking about. The answer is 42! I knew there was something significant to me in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

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