Mercury Retrograde – March 12 – April 3rd 2012

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Mercury Retrograde – March 12 – April 3rd 2012

Mercury is the fastest planet in our solar system. Astrologically speaking, it is a difficult planet to “pin down” without going into the deeper symbolic chart progressions or solar arcs. But retrogrades last about three weeks which is an opportunity to look at some possible meanings during an extended window.

And I want to play with Mercury a little bit because I think he’s tired of the same old “My telephone isn’t working, it must be Mercury in retrograde.”

Evolutionary Astrology invites the concept of personal evolvement when looking at the stars. Instead of reporting what Mercury in retrograde means, I will offer some questions he may be asking you to answer for yourself. Mercury is the messenger to the gods. He can travel freely in the above and the below. And he’s quick.

Therefore, the questions he invites us to ask while in retrograde – an inward expression of his heavenly energy – look something like this:

    Am I listening deeply enough?
    Am I saying what I really mean?

These questions are just part one in the equation. For Mercury is traveling though two signs, Aries and back into Pisces. These signs offer divine or archetypal energies to these questions.

    With Aries, there is a pioneering energy, perhaps a daredevil or a warrior.
    With Pisces, the energy is in the realm of the dreamer, the poet or mystic.

So take a step back now and put the signs together with Mercury and you might get a statement that looks like this:

If I am to take a risk from my inner self, what must he hear? What must he say? What are the things I have not said or heard before from this deeper place? Once you have the answer to these questions – and they may show up unexpectedly quick, like Mercury himself, the statement turns to Pisces. Perhaps new information will come to you in dream time, or you will mediate on something you received from Mercury.

Finally, I will add that Mercury is beginning this inward journey in aspect to transiting Uranus. That suggests the nature of Mercury’s message: the Self. Following that, Mercury travels back over the Sun – representing the ego. This Mercury retrograde appears to be about integrating a piece – even just a small one – of self that we need to hear or need to speak from within.





  1. I love this Rick – daring to dream our highest good and allowing it to manifest. That is exactly where I am right now!!!! Thank you.

    Love, Deb

  2. For me it seems I’m reclaiming old parts of myself afresh and evolving rapidly. It this the energy you are speaking of? This is great. Good tools to reflect. Thanks

  3. I had a great reading today by Rick! Thank you Rick!

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