Marilyn Monroe: One Astrological Interpretation

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Marilyn Monroe: One Astrological Interpretation

Marilyn Monroe was a Gemini, 10th house with an Aquarius Moon in the 7th and a Leo Ascendant. Her reputation and place in society was important to her, her goal was to embody open mindedness, storytelling and “youth.” Her public face was clearly that of the performer and queen, sometimes the child. On a soul level, her goal was to become a genius, a revolutionary soul – to heal through intimate relationships with others. These descriptors are examples of archetypes, forms from our unconscious selves that come through when we are challenged by fate to respond to the people, places and things that happen in our lives.

When Marilyn was ignoring the archetypal aim for integrating fate into her consciousness, it was likely when she appeared trapped in meaningless roles, her affairs perhaps – eccentricity and dependency (at least one husband claimed she would kill herself if he left) as well as a lack of self-assurance in her role.

Before I present the nodal story, I want to add that she had a Grand Water Trine- Mars in Pisces, Pluto in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. Three often harsh planets in dark, deep waters of the soul. This was her “luck” for better or for worse.

She also had a fixed mode T-Square. She was born to overcome hardships if she would surrender to opportunities. The fixed mode is all one speed and no gears.

Now to the nodal story: Her South Node was in Capricorn, 6th House. It’s ruled by Saturn. The karma she came to work on was her coldness. Her aversion to feeling emotional safety as the result of a lifetime(s) of surviving harsh conditions alone. Like a hermit. Though a person of strength and character, she would never notice her own pain. This past lifetime could have been a nightmare for her. Pluto opposes her South Node. She suffered from the demons she carried with her, and any residual karmic memories that remained locked in her soul. A father figure may have likely played a role in her violent past lifetime. Was she a slave on a plantation, born to a white father and a black mother? Did her own father rape or beat her, perhaps sold her? This is the kind of archetypal force that is at play with such a combination.

Her North Node in the 11th house Cancer says: Time to come in from the cold and experience safety and comfort. Steven Forrest writes of this, “God owes [her] one.” But only if she would claim it for herself. As with any North Node, it is just a suggestion from the cosmos. It isn’t in our unconscious at all. We have to make a conscious choice and effort to move in that direction.

If Marilyn Monroe had made a habit of giving herself more solitary, self-nourishing time – perhaps with a shaman in Mexico – she would have been able to experience healing her dark place as well as having the chance to cry, to feel and to be soft.

Pluto figures large in her chart. In the 11th house she would have been confronted with challenges to “going it alone.” But the paradox in this is that her tribe would be somewhat mad and she was meant to be their Cassandra. She had to learn how to confront them with harsh truths, thereby creating the possibility for “healing.” Studio execs advised her to dump Arthur Miller when he appeared before the HUAC. She refused and called them “born cowards.”

To tie in her Pluto and her nodal story in a positive manifestation, during her last interview she said,

“What I really want to say: That what the world really needs is a real feeling of kinship. Everybody: stars, laborers, Negroes, Jews, Arabs. We are all brothers. Please don’t make me a joke. End the interview with what I believe.”

What Steven Forrest writes about 11th house aspects of the chart is also worth noting. He says that they typically don’t appear in a person’s life until they reach midlife. Marilyn died at age 36. If that was what she said in her last interview, I can only imagine how wonderful she would have been after that, if only she had given midlife a chance.

As with every chart I look at, the entire chart provides pieces of the karmic story. So I’m skipping over a lot here as well as synthesizing some possible details in order to fit this post into a manageable length.

Marilyn Monroe’s birth data is attributed to Astro Databank, source: BC/BR, Rodden Rating: AA




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