My Pluto Transit – The Journey Continues

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My Pluto Transit – The Journey Continues

In Astrology, Pluto tends to carry the signature of events that are related to trauma, fierce healing, life-altering changes in course that can seem tragic, evil or unfair. Why would a soul choose to experience such deep and intense events – from many of which some never seem to recover?

In my earlier post, , I merely scratch the surface of plutonic musings while near the beginning of my particular journey with transiting Pluto crossing my Ascendant. I began to have some inkling of what was to come, and this post is an update as Pluto sits exactly at 11 degrees Capricorn, on my Asc.

When Pluto hits a major point in the natal chart, such as the Sun, Moon or any of the angles – it signifies a period of about four years where psychological shadows must be confronted or there’s a risk that the psychic energy will project itself outward in ways that suggest heat and intensity. Accidents, tragedies, deaths, break-ups are all possible outcomes of ignoring Pluto’s fire. Knowing this, I have attempted to work with the energy as best I can. Here’s a partial account:

I continued my year-long class in self-discovery and transformation, known as Stargate. Through that process I was challenged to go deeper into my psyche, work with my dream images and embrace more of my personal myth. In the Jungian sense, this process very much aligns with individuation, flowing nicely with my Uranian opposition that began to be sensed in my late 30s and now at 43 is nearing the end of its strong signal.

Of course, individuation moves tend to be attacked by those around us. This is due to the drastic changes coming from an air of non-compliance, creating a new reality, and breaking with consensual societal norms. Certain authority figures in my life began to challenge me and question my devotion to our mission and our work. I felt I was no longer safe. The deeper I went into my truth, the more honestly I saw the people around me I was choosing to be with in company. It began to feel my future was again, uncertain. Where would I go and what would I do?

I also began to attend prayer ceremonies. These events helped me get closer to the nature spirits who were calling me to follow. These archetypal energies do seem to have the power to bring magic to mundane life and open the doors to miracles. During one ceremony I was shown two doorways. The one doorway I went to see had lovely music, amazing colors and a sense of peace and serenity. But this door lead to death. In my sensing, what I saw through the threshold was that such enticements would surely disconnect me with that silvery cord of my soul that is firmly rooted here on Earth.

Remember, my grandmother and father both experienced death at age 42. During the night I saw the stars. Each one had a message for me. I could see the prayers left for me by dear friends. And I could see that everyone praying with me had one thing for me that night: The gift of TRUST. It was as though they all agreed to sit there with me, to pray with me, and remind me that I am trusted in my decisions and actions.

All of a sudden, an unexpected force arose from within. It was my will to live. It came up so strong that I almost couldn’t help shouting out “I want to live. I want to stay.”

A few months later, I went to the land to pray alone. The land told me it was time for me to go. I had did what I came there to do. And with a vision that came with what I describe as ecstatic lightning running through my body, I saw that I would go to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostella. Sure enough, little miracles began to appear that enabled me to make the trip and to prepare myself. I was open to receive.

There will be more about my Camino trek in another post. For now, as it pertains to Pluto, I felt I was transforming the trauma into power, a healing power. It is as though the vision for a way through was offered, and I took it. There were moments when my inner fire was working overtime and I would end a day of walking as though I were all burned up. People on this journey seemed to know what I was going through. They helped in the smallest but most significant ways which allowed me to continue my process.

There will be more to say at a future date when Pluto begins to drift away and the signal gets weaker. Again, my intent with these rambling words is to attempt to look at more of the timeline instead of just the keyframes.




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