If symbols are the vocabulary of the psyche

Then myths, dreams and imagination are the guides we can explore

Evolutionary Astrology

I interpret your chart as if it were a map showing you how to recognize your inner resources, which unlike predictions, empowers you to make your own choices. I believe these resources come from the psyche or soul. Readings can be done in person, by phone or Skype and/or through a CD/.mp3 recording.

What is Alchemy?

In short, Alchemy can be any process of transformation. Modern studies suggest that the myths, fairytales, and symbols – in conversation with nature, our dreams and levels of consciousness – provide the way for inner “lead” to be turned to “gold.” My writing, workshops and astrological readings will reflect this teaching and philosophy.

About Rick

Rick Borutta studied alchemical healing traditions with Lorie Dechar (www.fivespirits.com) and Benjamin Fox (www.anewpossibility.com) His own journey of personal transformation began in NYC theater, followed by filmmaking and a position with CBSNews.com, culminating in his use of astrology, writing and imaginative shadow work.

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